Is it possible to take all of the hail dents out of a car? After a hail storm rolled through your area, the light hail will leave smaller dents than if there is heavy hail. There may be many more dents than you realize. Our specialists will examine your car under special lights that will show all of the dents not just the ones you can see without the lights. Your insurance will usually cover all the dents even the really small ones. Call or text Sean Preston at 214-558-9698 for a free estimate.

How long should hail repair take? This will depending on how busy your insurance adjuster is will other insurance claims, how busy the shop is and the availability of any parts that were broken during the storm and need to be replaced. We work will all insurance companies and we try to have everything ready for them when they come out to inspect the damage. We do everything in our power to get your vehicle back to you as soon as possible. Many insurance policies have a provision for a rental car if your vehicle in being worked on. We will be glad to help you to check your coverage and help you get a rental vehicle.


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